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Why Coffee?

"As a college student, I worked as a barista at a hospital coffee shop. I was given the freedom to be creative and try new recipes, as well as, learn the ends and outs to running a coffee shop. This was truly when I felt the most creative and free!"

~Keshonda Piper, Owner

Model: Jeremy Piper 
Pipe'n Hot Coffee 


"The Pipe'n Hot Coffee is roasted right here in New Orleans, La. This is how we guarantee freshness in every bag of our coffee. The aroma gives your taste buds a head start in anticipation of it's flavor. Our blends do not have an after taste and can simply be enjoyed black or with the addition of cream and sugar."

We currently offer 4 different Blends (16 oz/ 1lb bags):

1. Ethiopia Mokamba Blend (Performance Enhancer)

2. Creole Blend (chicory)

3. Mocha Java Blend

4. Breakfast Blend

5. Decaf Breakfast Blend 

(Whole Bean or Ground Coffee options)

Other items:

1.Pipe'n Hot T-shirts (M-2xL)

2. Coffee Mugs 

3. Mesh Filter Balls

4. Reusable K-cups

Alanzo Piper, Owner


What is your overall goal?


The Pipers set out to create a business doing something we love and finding creative ways to share our love of coffee with others. We encourage entrepreneurship with our kids and ultimately teaching them the importance of developing something that would allow them to give back to their community.

This is our primary reason for using local roasters for our coffee, local merchants for our t-shirts, and plan to hire locally when open a physical location. We want to make a difference where we live first then we'll be able to expand into other communities, cities, and states.

What's new at Pipe'n Hot? Loose Tea

1.) English Breakfast- This tea has several benefits. It has antioxidant properties, may boost heart health, may lower LCL cholesterol, may improve gut health, may help reduce blood pressure, may help reduce the risk of stroke, may lower blood sugar levels, may help reduce the risk of cancer, and may improve focus.

2.) Jasmine Green- Some benefits offered by this particular tea is: it fights bacteria, assist with weight loss, Aroma therapy, cancer prevention, anti-aging, regulates circulation, improves heart health, stress relief, and cold prevention.

3.) African Red Rooibos- This is caffeine free herbal tea that low in tannin and oxalic acid. It is packed with antioxidants and may improve heart health. This tea may also reduce the risk of cancer and type 2 diabetes. (Should not be consumed in large amounts daily.)

4.) Hibiscus Flowers- This herbal tea is full of antioxidants, may lower blood pressure, may help lower blood fats, may boost liver health and promotes weight loss. This tea contains coupounds that may prevent cancer and helps fight bacteria.

Photo Credit: Juston Jacques Photography, LLC
Merchandise Credit: 3rd stitching Clothes 
Website: Keshonda & Alanzo Piper
Model: Jeremy Piper
Brand Manager: Kerry Holdings Inc.